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Bea Bio Engineering Aquaculture
Bea Bio Engineering Aquaculture
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Bea Biotic 30ml

Bea Biotic 30ml
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Price: 29,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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BEA BIOTIC is a new generation conditioner, absolutely reef safe and totally natural. Based on purified plant extracts, it is characterized by high concentration, bioavailability and effectiveness in effectively reducing the number of pathogens present in the aquarium.

Thanks to its particular formulation and production process (proprietary formula), the product can be used directly in the tank, without the need to resort to dedicated quarantine systems, greatly simplifying the management of any pathologies by the enthusiast.

The selected biomolecules act simultaneously on several fronts:

● Reduction in the number, development and replication capacity of the pathogen in the system (bacteria, fungi, ciliates, flagellates, etc.)

● Mitigation of harmful effects due to bacterial explosions

● Stimulation of the immune system, in particular of the non-specific defences

BEA BIOTIC allows the presence of numerous pathogens to be reduced extremely quickly and effectively, without damaging any animal present or the nitrifying bacterial flora. The use of totally natural ingredients means that its use is well tolerated by fish, corals, microfauna, and in general by the whole system.

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Bea Biotic 30ml 
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Home » Water treatment » Marine Water » Bacterya
Water treatment » Marine Water » Medical

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