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Askoll Test GH

Askoll Test GH
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Price: 14,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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10,85Euro [TaxInc]

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Test for the measurement of hardness in fresh water

Kit consists of:

1 Tube graduated

1 bottle of 10 mL of reagent GH 1

1 bottle of 10 mL of reagent GH 2


What is the total hardness
The total hardness (GH) is a measure of the amount of salts (mainly calcium and magnesium) dissolved in water.
Why measure it
The total hardness influences the osmotic adjustment system of the fish. The various species of fish require different water hardness values ​​in function of the habitat from which they originate. So we talk about soft-water fish (Cardinals, etc.) And hard water (African cichlids, etc.).
How do the test
1. Rinse the tube several times with the water to be tested.
2. Fill the tube with 5 mL of water to be tested.
3. Add five drops of GH reagent 1 and shake the tube. The solution will dye red violet.
4. Slowly add the reagent GH 2. The number of drops necessary to make the turn from red to blue violet solution, indicate the number of degrees GH.

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Askoll Test GH 
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