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Askoll Test NO2

Askoll Test NO2
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Price: 10,89Euro [TaxInc]
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Test for the measurement of nitrates in fresh and salt water

Kit consists of:

1 Tube graduated

1 bottle of 10 mL of NO2 reactant

1 colorimetric scale and the leaflet.

The danger Nitrite
Ideally the Nitrite value should be zero. In marine aquariums it is acceptable to a maximum concentration of 0.05 mg / L; in fresh water, the limit value is 0.1 mg / L.
What are
The Nitrite Ammonia formed by oxidation at the hands of the filter bacteria. The nitrites are toxic to fish because they reduce the blood's ability to carry oxygen and cause loss of appetite and disease and, in extreme cases, lead to death.
In aquariums recently set up, when nitrifying bacterial flora have not yet sufficiently colonized the filter Nitrite tend to accumulate and must be monitored constantly until they disappeared.
How do the test
1. Rinse the tube several times with the water to be tested.
2. Fill the tube with 5 mL of water to be tested.
3. Add 5 drops of NO2 reagent, shake the tube and wait for about 5 minutes.
4. Determine the amount of Nitrite by comparing the color of the liquid contained in the test tube with that of the color scale provided.

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Askoll Test NO2 
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