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Askoll Test MG Marine Water

Askoll Test MG Marine Water
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Price: 20,40Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Test for the measurement of magnesium in seawater

Kit consists of:

1 vial of 10 ml of reagent MG1
1 vial of 10 ml of reagent Mg2
1 vial of 50 ml of reagent Mg3

What is Magnesium
Magnesium is one of the elements present in greater quantities in seawater; after Sodium and Chlorine is in fact the magnesium the most abundant element. Its concentration is approximately three times that of calcium and is around 1200 mg / L. Like Soccer,
Magnesium also enters the processes of calcification of skeletons of corals and coralline algae.
Why get tested
In addition to intervening in numerous physiological processes, a correct presence of magnesium in the water helps to contain the precipitation of calcium carbonate. It is therefore important to maintain the correct weight ratio (mg / L) between Magnesium and Calcium, which should reach a value of about 3 (in fact: 1200: 4 = 3).

How do the test
1. Rinse the tube several times with the water to be tested.
2. Fill the tube with 2 mL of water to be analyzed.
3. Add 5 drops of reagent Mg 1 and shake the tube for about 20 seconds.
4. Add 5 drops of reagent Mg 2 and shake the tube, the solution will be colored red-violet.
5. Fit the plastic nozzle on the tip of the aspirating syringe 1 mL of reagent Mg 3 and enter slowly into the tube until the water sample will turn from red to blue-violet color. The number of tenths of a tack mL necessary to bring the color of the liquid in the tube will indicate the content of magnesium according to the notes shown in the table on the back of this leaflet. You can also calculate the magnesium content by multiplying by 1,500 the number of mL required to make color change the fluid in the tube. Example: 0.90 mL of Mg 3 needed to make tack the color from red to violet blue X 1500 = 1350 mg / L of magnesium.

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Askoll Test MG Marine Water 
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