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Askoll Roboformula

Askoll Roboformula
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Price: 85,70Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Askoll Roboformula


Askoll ROBOFORMULA and Askoll FORMULA AZURE are the result of 2 years of research in the laboratories Askoll .

In these two years the scientific knowledge and technical skills of Askoll are put at the service of nature and its rhythms , to create the product that lets you change the way you live the aquarium.

Askoll ROBOFORMULA is the electronic dispenser that deals with the right amount of administered daily Askoll FORMULA AZURE in the aquarium, so as to ensure simplicity and continuity in the treatment .
The automaticity of the assay prevents any misuse of the product.
Askoll ROBOFORMULA warns you when the liquid is approaching the end of the cartridge today!

• Automatically dispenses the treatment according to the aquarium litraggio
• Unique system for use with patented cartridges Askoll Formula
• Designed as a complement of the range in the range of aquariums Askoll Also , it fits in the slot already prepared
• It can be used in any other aquarium

Askoll FORMULA AZURE is a treatment that contains a composition capable of promoting the establishment of favorable conditions for development
of aquatic flora thereby improving water quality ( phytoremediation ) . Nature is so stimulated to fulfill its vital processes.

The cartridge is disposable : it replaces it with great ease !

• Ensures crystal clear water
• Stimulates the growth of plants
• Inhibits growth of algae through a natural process of competition for nutrients with plants
• For freshwater aquariums

The maintenance of the tank will be simplified to the benefit of aquatic contemplation .

The pack also contains a cartridge of Formula Azure

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Askoll Roboformula 
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Water treatment » Freshwater » Automatic dosator
Technic » Pumps » Dosing pumps
Technic » Control and automation » Dosing pumps

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