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Askoll Pratiko 300 New Generation

Askoll Pratiko 300 New Generation
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Price: 109,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Askoll Pratiko 300 New Generation



The many features and tricks that are offered with the product, allow the user greater control over the entire filter with the aquatic environment and water quality.
Now more than ever, Pratiko external filters offer the greatest possible range of configurations than any other filter-type equivalent.
Depending on the model of the filter selected, can be used by a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 types of filter materials, which are located within separate containers.


How does Pratiko:

1 - Mechanical action: A powerful and silent pump, inserted in the filter head, vacuums and conveys the aquarium water through 4 sponges that stop dirt 'crass. The particular arrangement of sponges, achieves a significant increase in filter surface mechanics, the rectangular shape of Pratiko also allows to optimize the occupation of space by eliminating the dead zones of the traditional cylindrical filters.

2 - Biological action: channeled through special multistage baskets, the water meets canolicchi Puremax which complete purification freed from ammonia and nitrite is extremely toxic to the health of the aquarium.

3 - Adsorbent action: It's the last stage of filtration. Thanks to the action of activated carbon Adsorbor removes the polluting compounds responsible for bad smells, drug residues and dyes remained in the water.

Absolute practicality during maintenance, without running the risk of leaving more water for ground water system through all'evoluto Stop System (blocking the release of water).

Pratiko offers 25% more than the filtering filters are cylindrical footprint.

Easy maintenance:

Thanks to the mechanical filtration sponges that allow completely released from the ward and the wider biological filter surface available, which ensures long months of self-sufficiency, maintaining Pratiko is simple and minimal

Easy opening and closing handles practices that ensure a perfect airtight, easily allow you to open the filter body, just dropping by a simple downward movement

Technical specifications:

  • Volume 3,1 liters biological
  • Total volume 6.6 liters
  • Filter Modules 3
  • Max. pump 1120 l / h
  • Max. Filter 780 l / h
  • Prevalence 1.75 m
  • For aquariums up to 300 liters.

All accessories used for installation are included in the package.



Notes: If you want to attach the filter with the heater ETH outside, the product is ideal ETH300.

It is always advisable to fix the pipes with 2 metal clamps.

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Askoll Pratiko 300 New Generation 
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