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Askoll Adsorbor Mini 45gr

Askoll Adsorbor Mini 45gr
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Price: 4,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Askoll Adsorbor


Askoll Adsorbor is a high absorption for charcoal filters. The maximum power absorber against pollution of the aquarium. Pack containing 3 single dose socks 100gr each.
The leader aquarium, the special coal from the great power adsorbent researched specific high quality Askoll.


Adsorbor is a natural element of the great virtues antinquinamneto. Via dyes, toxic substances, the bad smell. Adsorbs to the bottom of the pollutants, trapped in its pores, resistuendo purity water. And 'well suited to remove drug residues, dyes and the smell of the water.

Recommendations for use

Adsorbor must esserem used occasionally, when it seems necessary to thoroughly clean the aquarium. This "cure" pollution may require the use of more bags of 100 grams with the size of the aquarium and the amount of substances to be purified. Before placing the bag in the aquarium, rinse the product in a container containing distilled water. Then insert the bag into the compartment of the filter. When Adsorbor has done its work and the water is crystal back, delete the product from the filter to ensure that it can release the substances captured.


To maintain the integrity of the filtering capacity Adsorbor just know that you need:

  • Rinse in distilled water, bi-distilled or, failing that, in aquarium water
  • Avoid contact with activated carbon with chlorine
  • Avoid thermal shock and high temperatures (boiling)
  • Keep the horse because the light does not turn off the air because this will expose it reduces absorbency


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Askoll Adsorbor Mini 45gr 
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Water treatment » Filter media » Active carbon

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