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JBL ArtemioSet - Breeding set for Artemia nauplii

JBL ArtemioSet - Breeding set for Artemia nauplii
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Price: 45,01Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: JBL ArtemioSet - Breeding set for Artemia nauplii


Artemio Set Kit:

  • Stopcock
  • Artemia sieve (also available separately as JBL Artemio 3)
  • Harvesting container (also available separately as JBL Artemio 2)
  • Air hose 4/6 mm
  • Aerator pump EcoAir 40
  • Non-return valve for air
  • Screws for wall mounting


Installation and operation of JBL Artemio Set

1.         Select a suitable place to set up the equipment. If possible, the stand (1) should be placed in a location which is not sensitive to water and is out of the reach of children. Alternatively, select a place where the equipment can be wall-mounted, fixing the stand (1) with the screws (12) supplied.

2.         Open the domed lid of the brood container (3) turning clockwise (bayonet) and remove it together with the extension hose (4a). Place the brood container (2) in the stand so that the JBL logo and filling level mark are easily visible.

3.         Fill the brood container (2) with tepid tap water (approx. 25 °C) up to the filling level mark (500 ml). Put 3 measuring spoons JBL ArtemioMix into the brood container. Alternatively you can also use 3 measuring spoons JBL ArtemioSal and 2 – 3 measuring spoons JBL ArtemioPur. JBL ArtemioMix or ArtemioSal and ArtemioPur are available from your specialist retailer. Then close the domed lid, turning anti-clockwise.

4.         Using the air hose (9) provided, connect the air inlet (4) on the domed lid (3) to the aerator pump provided (10). If possible, position the aerator pump above the water level in the brood container. If the pump can only be positioned below the level of the water in the brood container, fit the supplied non-return valve to the air hose, about approx. 5 - 10 cm away from the air inlet.

5.         Connect the aerator pump to the mains power. The mixture of salt, Artemia eggs and water in the brood container will now be vigorously aerated. This vigorous aeration is necessary for the Artemia nauplii to hatch as successfully as possible. The air supply should therefore not be reduced. At 25 °C the nauplii hatch in approx. 24 hours, at lower temperatures, correspondingly slower.

After waiting for the corresponding time, turn off the air supply and wait until the reddish nauplii have collected in the point of the funnel and the empty egg cases have floated to the top. Open the stopcock (6) and let the nauplii run out into the Artemia sieve and harvesting container positioned below. Using fresh water, briefly rinse the nauplii in the sieve and then feed to the young fish.

6. If required, some of the nauplii can be transferred to a larger aquarium with saltwater and grown on. As food for the nauplii, we recommend JBL ArtemioFluid, available from you specialist retailer.

7. Once all the live nauplii have been fed to the young fish, drain off the remaining water and the egg cases into the waste water system. Before refilling the brood container, rinse it thoroughly, together with the domed lid, under lukewarm tap water using a soft bottle brush.

Changing the membrane on the aerator pump:

Always disconnect the appliance from the mains power supply before carrying out any work on the air pump.

Accessories (available from your specialist retailer)

  • JBL Artemio 2 Harvesting container for JBL Artemio
  • JBL Artemio 3 Artemia sieve for JBL Artemio (0.15 mm)
  • JBL Artemio 4 Sieve combination to sieve out Artemia and other live food. Each containing 1 sieve 0.15 mm; 0.30 mm; 0.60 mm; 1.00 mm
  • JBL ArtemioMix Mixture of Artemia eggs and special salt for immediate use in JBL Artemio Set
  • JBL ArtemioPur Artemia eggs with high hatching rate
  • JBL ArtemioSal Special salt for breeding Artemia eggs effectively. For optimum hatching rates
  • JBL ArtemioFluid Liquid food for rearing Artemia nauplii.


Warranty (Aerator pump)

A 2 year warranty is granted on this appliance from the date of purchase. The warranty covers defects in manufacture and materials. Damage caused by improper handling, water damage and dirt are exempt from the warranty. The membrane and parts subject to wear and tear as well as any consequential damage are exempt from the warranty. In the event of claims under the warranty, please contact your specialist retailer, presenting the purchase receipt.



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JBL ArtemioSet - Breeding set for Artemia nauplii 
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