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Arcadia T5 Marine Blue Actinic- 24Watt - 55cm

Arcadia T5 Marine Blue Actinic- 24Watt - 55cm
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Price: 19,61Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Arcadia T5 Marine Blue Actinic- 24Watt - 55cm


  • Lunar Lighting
  • Light Blue Actinic
  • UVA rays generate fluorescence
  • Promotes the welfare of invertebrates

For th
“” non può
essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.e marine aquarium it is recommended the combination with "Marine White"

In order for a marine aquarium to realistically reproduce the environment of the reef, it is essential for corals and invertebrates are found in ideal conditions to grow and develop.
In this sense, it is important to the survival of zooxanthellae, a type of algae which
symbiotically assists the invertebrates to eliminate waste matter.

In nature, the
light output of the sun is equal to over 100000 luxlux (lumens per square meter).
At depths of about 5-10 meters, where there is most of the corals and invertebrates, the only bands visible light wavelengths are the blue ones, it follows the characteristic blue color of the water.
All other wavele
ngths, in particular the reds have been absorbed and eliminated by salt water.
The remaining blue light is the light which invertebrates evolved, they learned to use for the symbiosis with zooxanthellae.

This concentration of light energy in the range called 'actinic' with a peak of 420 nm is essential for survival and good health of fish, corals and invertebrates in marine aquariums.
Another important feature of the Arcadia Marine Blue Actinic lamp is the UV output that creates a pleasant fluores
cent effect on corals, invertebrates and exotic marine fish.
When used alone in the dark, the effect will be that of a night lit by the rays of the moon, where the vivid colors of corals and invertebrates fluorescent glow.
When used together with the Arcadia Marine White lamp, high levels of light output create a realistic environment as a barrier reef.

This combination provides the most natural and pleasing and shows the fluorescence and bright colors of fish, corals and invertebrates, the emission spectrum corrected, at the wavelengths required, also favors the reproduction of the zooxanthellae, the symbiotic algae.

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Arcadia T5 Marine Blue Actinic- 24Watt - 55cm 
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