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Aquili Co2 - 30 Tabs

Aquili Co2 - 30 Tabs
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Price: 3,70Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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General information:

For seawater and freshwater aquariums

• It ensures a quick biological activation of the filter
• It activates and speeds up the decomposition of azotic compounds - ammonia, nitrites and nitrates
• Through its selective and antagonistic action the risk of disease and the growth of marine algae in fresh and saltwater are reduced
• It restores bacterial flora

Dose: 1 capsule for 100 litre

BACTERIUM E is a mixture of biologically active bacteria and enzymes,
which are specialized in sanitation, transformation and metabolization
of organic substances, present in the tank, and quickly improving
the enviroment conditions.
The multiplicity of components of BACTERIUM E allows to carry out
a wide range action in the ecological enviroment, which is not only
confined to peculiar situations. As a matter of fact the cell compounds
have the following organoleptical features:
1. Resistance to hyperthermic (+ 80°) and hyphothermic (-5°)
shocks without any quality or quantitive variations, which allows
BACTERIUM E to be active within the temperature range from
-5°C to +80° C.
2. Completely latent and ready to be reactivated, as soon as they
come into contact with the organic substance.
3. Structurally and functionally biocompatible with each other due
to a process of morphological stabilisation through the bipolar
radiant action of infrared and ultraviolet rays at frequency and
time, which are fixed and balanced according to weight/volume
4. Selected bacterial groups, which are able to live in aerobic,
anaerobic and whatsoever conditions, including all possible field
5. Active with or without light, in acid or basic pH enviroment.

• Cultures of micro-organisms (nitrifying bacteria and other
bacteria) and nutrients
• Enzymes and ferments
• Vegetal active substances and micro-organic elements of
marine algae
• Humic and nucleic acids
• Mineral salts (Si - Mg - Ca - K - P)

The product is composed of liophilized microorganisms, compatible
with each other, along with specific multifunctional enzymes with the
addition of appropriate organic substances, which can initiate a chain
of oxide reductions in the biodegradable matter.
The well balanced system makes it possible to achieve a high reaction
speed from one hand and a remarkable enhancement of the peculiar
activity of the microorganisms present in the tank on the other.
The introduction into the formulation of a considerable number of
PHAGES, in the case in point, of Microphages and Bacteriaphages
(living cells) has made it possible for the product to attack, embody
and destroy foreign substances with corpuscular structure such as
pathogenic bacteria, some viruses and macromolecular aggregates
(Selective action on harmful bacteria o bacteria, responsible for
pathologies like salmonella, pasteurelle, streptococcus...).

The bacteria, selected to act in BACTERIUM E belong to the following
groups (families):
• NITROSOMAS, NITROBACTER - autotrophic Gram-negative
bacteria, oxidizing nitrigen inorganic compounds (ammonia,
nitrites and nitrates).
• PSEUDOMONAS, XANTOMONAS autotrophic Gram-negative
bacteria, oxidizing nitrigen inorganic compounds and in case of
lack of oxygen, reducing nitrites and nitrates to molecular nitrigen.
Gram-positive bacteria, using carbon and nitrigen organic
compounds and reducing nitrites and nitrates to molecular
nitrigen through anaerobic action (strong antagonists against
pathogenic bacteria).
• BACILLUS Gram-positive bacteria, forming spores and reducing,
in case of oxygen lack, nitrites and nitrates to stabilized molecular

The chemical action of BACTERIUM E in the tank includes three stages:
1. It turns ammonia and nitrites into nitrates.
2. In case of lack of oxygen, it reduces nitrites and nitrates to
molecular nitrigen.
3. Molecular nitrigen, which represents a raw protein, is, in turn,

used and assimilated by bacteria, completing, in such a way, the
nitrigen cycle.

It provides a rapid biological activation of the tank filter, as it makes
a faster introduction of fishes possible. Some of the fishes can even
be introduced 24 hours after fitting tank equipment.
It activates and speeds up the decomposition of nitrogenous
compounds (ammonia, nitrites and nitrates), by creating an optimal
enviroment for fishes, as well as prolonging time between water
changes. Under ideal conditions the nitrigen cycle can be completed
and waste material can be reused.
ts regular use help monitor the tank critical values (NO2/NO3).
Through its selective and antagonistic action the risk of disease and
the growth of marine algae in fresh and salt water are reduced.
It restores and strengthens the bacterial flora, which has become
depleted and damaged through the partial water changes, cleaning
and periodic replacing of the filtering material or healing treatments.

Open the capsule and sprinkle over the powder in the water or in the
You may place the gelatin capsule directly in the water or in the filter.
It will dissolve slowly, by releasing active principles. No residues are
No contamination of the tank water occurs.
A slight and temporary turbidity of the water accounts for an increase
in biological activity and is harmless.
Use of Bacterium E together with other treatments against microbes
or bacteria, such as disinfectants, antibiotics and similar medicines
is not recommended.
Store the package sealed in a dry room and away from light.
Storage temperature: max 50°, min - 20°.


Use of BACTERIUM E does not require any particular precautions, as
it is a completely natural and non-toxic product.

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