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Aquili RONPS - reverse in-line osmosis system 190 L/24h + Filter for NO3 PO4 SiO2

Aquili RONPS - reverse in-line osmosis system 190 L/24h + Filter for NO3 PO4 SiO2
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Price: 52,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Aquili RONPS - reverse in-line osmosis system 190 L/h + Filter for NO3 PO4 SiO2


Reverse osmosis is a technology that exploits the ability of certain semi-permeable membranes to separate water from dissolved substances .
By applying some pressure (the water network ) , you can force the water to cross the membrane , the pure water ( permeate) will be separated from the water containing salts (concentrate)
The osmotic membrane which implements the level more stringent feasible ( that of polyamides / polysulfone ) , behaves as a barrier against not only salts and inorganic substances, but also in respect of organic substances of molecular weight greater than 100 , so it is a excellent defense against micro-pollutants , pesticides, pyrogen , virus and bacteria that were contained in the water .
This technology appeared on the market of water treatment in recent times, saying it came quickly , and in a few years , has established itself thanks to its characteristics of versatility, excellent performance and ease of use .

• The membranes were tested at 25 ° , 4.8 bar , such as 2000 ppm TDS.
• Due to the different operating conditions , compared to those ideals which have been verified , the real output is about half of the theoretical one.

Technical Data
Osmotic water - Water remaining units have been set up and tested on the ideal ratio of 1 to 4.
Operating pressure 3-8 bar
Temperature 1-30 degrees centigrade
Quality Polyamide Membrane TFM - Polysulfone
Rate of retention of salts 98% - 99%
Values ​​in Water Output 10-40 microsiemens

L ' OSMO50 plant is composed of :

Sediment filter 5 micron
Carbon Block Filter treated with acids is required for the disposal of sewage
Osmotic membrane with a flow rate of 50/100 gallons per day ( 1 gallon = 3.785 liters)

Attention to ...

Connect the system always and only to a cold water pipe (maximum 30 ° C) otherwise worsen the rate of withholding tax and the membrane may be damaged ahead of time.
Check that the diaphragm is pushed right at the bottom , before screwing the lid of the container ( 4). ( the central tube of the membrane must be aligned with the edge of the container without lid ) .
Do not force the fittings (especially the elbow - Flow Restrictor ), but , if once started, the system showed the leaks, use Teflon.
Slide the water in the carbon filter before connecting it to the membrane , so that it can spurgarsi of impurities that may be present .
The osmotic water and the remaining water should always be able to escape ; never close with taps or something.
Protect the membrane from freezing and drying . When used in the membrane no longer needs to dry out.
If the reverse osmosis system will not be used for more than 10-15 days, use a protective solution which maintains efficient form osmotic inhibiting the growth of bacteria and preventing the deposition of impurities ( Preservation Fluid) .
It is not possible with the reverse osmosis delete individual values ​​are particularly high , for example, a high content of silicon dioxide or nitrate .
Do not leave the machine unattended during use.
Do not use the water for food .
Always use original spare parts.
Carry out regular changes of the pre-filter sediment and carbon filter. The function of the active carbon is to retain the chlorine which , if it passes , irreparably damages the membrane lacerandone the microstructure . The salts will not be held in an optimal manner and the value in microsiemens , the water outlet will increase.
The calcium and magnesium tend to settle within the membrane reducing their productivity . Disinfection Powder thoroughly disinfects and removes all debris ( impurities ) restoring the efficiency of the system.
Very useful for a correct management of the aquarium , which is enriched with minerals Minerals and trace elements osmosis water and all the water very tender .

The value of the pH of the permeate is not predictable, high values ​​of pH can be easily adjusted downwards with CO2 if the pH level is too low, it is sufficient to ventilate the water obtained .

Assembly Instructions


1 input water from the mains

2 pre-filter Sedimentation

3 Filter with Activated Carbon

4 Vessel - container membrane

5 Osmotic Membrane

6 Permeate - Water Osmotic

7 Concentrate - Water Waste Valve Flow Restrictor

8 Filter anti NO3- PO4- SiO2

In our system the water enters from the tap of the water mains by means dell'allaccio ( fitting which is located inside of the sachet ) , arrives to a universal connection ( 1 ) , and passes through a prefilter to Sedimentation ( 2 ) that holds particles larger than 0.005 mm ( 5 micron) . ( Only models Classic RO and RO NPS have the filter to sedimentation , in models RO Basic charcoal filter also performs the function of mechanical filter to 5 microns ) . After this purification before the water is made to slide in a cartridge with coal active ( 3), which removes chlorine and also eliminates the traces of pesticides, herbicides , metals and , also , the bad taste and / or smell that water can deliver. After being passed through the carbon filter , the water is sent , under pressure, to a special membrane ( 5 ) which lets only the pure water . The substances which harden the water and harmful ones such as salts, carbonates , sulphates, heavy metals, pesticides , and even bacteria and viruses are retained and rinsed with the remaining water .

For assembly, the diaphragm is inserted into its container in such a way that the O-ring remains thicker towards the cap , while the two O-rings remain small downward.

To achieve the desired effect is decisive for the quality of the osmotic membrane , the membranes used in our equipment (polyamide / polysulfone ) are extremely resistant bacterial aggression , have long life , are easy to maintain and remain unchanged for years. The water once treated , is pre- ducted in the central tube and exits the membrane , pure water, through the central duct ( 6 ) . For the commissioning of the turn on the tap and rinse for at least two hours the appliance , make sure that during this period in the ductwork (7 ) slides at least one quadruple amount of concentrated than osmotic water produced .


RO filter with anti NO3- PO4- SiO2 :

If you have a system Osmosis Filter with anti NO3- PO4- SiO2 , before connecting the water outlet osmotic suppression filter nitrate - phosphate - silicate (8) , it is advisable to let the water run for about 2-3 hours in order to completely eliminate the preservative dry the membrane.


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Aquili RONPS - reverse in-line osmosis system 190 L/24h + Filter for NO3 PO4 SiO2 
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