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Aquili Phosphat Minus 250ml

Aquili Phosphat Minus 250ml
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Price: 9,85Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Aquili Phosphat Minus 250ml




Phosphates are present in the aquarium due to the decomposition of excess food , leaves and other organic substances Their presence is necessary , but are not harmful, only in very small concentrations.
The increase in concentration causes , in fresh water, the proliferation of algae in seawater , blocking the synthesis of calcium
In natural waters , not contaminated , the phosphate concentration is very low, but to get the same result in the aquarium is almost essential to use specific products that lower values ​​of PO4 .
Recommended values ​​are not more than 0,1 - 0,3 mg / l in seawater would recommend a concentration of less than 0.015 mg / l.
With the help of Phosphat - Minus , a new specific adsorbent for the removal of phosphates, it is possible to obtain these results , in fact Phosphat - Minus can bind large amounts of PO4 without negatively interfere with the aquarium water .
Phosphate - Minus
It can be used in both fresh and salt water ,
Permanently binds phosphate without releasing any substance once it reaches saturation,
It does not create problems with sensitive fish or invertebrates .
It can be inserted into the main filter as the last layer , or in a separate filter to slow circulation .

Dosage - with 1mg / l phosphate
250 ml 500-1000 liters of fresh water or 250-500 seawater
500 ml from 1000 to 2000 liters of fresh water or 500-1000 seawater
1000ml 2000-4000 liters of fresh water or 1000-2000 seawater

The duration of the product in the aquarium varies in relation to the concentration of phosphate present in the water , which is controlled through a reliable test of PO4 . ( Aquili PO4 Test) .
In relation to the concentration of phosphates, Phosphat - Minus can act in the tank for several months , but in the tanks in which there has been for a long time a high concentration of PO4 , phosphates may be strapped in large quantities to the decorations and the bottom .
Recommendations for use
To avoid that , in the new aquariums, phosphate accumulate on the rocks and decorations is advisable to use immediately Phosphat - Minus and then still be used in a methodical manner .
Do not rinse
A slightly cloudy red water should not worry because it is not harmful to fish and plants


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Aquili Phosphat Minus 250ml 
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