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Aquili Anti Algae 250ml

Aquili Anti Algae 250ml
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Price: 3,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Aquili Anti Algae 250ml



It is normal for there to be a small algae population in an aquarium.

When proliferation becomes excessive we can respond in various ways:
1. partial exchange of water to reduce levels of nitrates and phosphates, the principle nutrients for algae
2. changing light bulbs when they are worn out
3. keeping a rich plant population in the aquarium a) to provide competition for the algae b) to produce substances that prevent its growth c) to reduce light levels, particularly on the bottom
4. avoid too many fish, but always keep a few that eat algae
5. careful fertilisation (limited N and P) and use of CO2
6. algaecides

Thanks to its unique composition AntiAlgae eliminates algae quickly and efficiently.
It inhibits the growth of every kind of algae on contact and without harming plants.

Instructions for use
• Shake well before using. Recommended dose is 10ml (1/2 cap) for every 40 litres.
• Before and after treatment, physically remove dead algae as it is quite harmful.
• Ensure that the water has the highest oxygen level possible.
• Based on the type of algae and the composition of the water, AntiAlgae will have maxi-mum effect after 1-6 weeks.
• Repeat treatment after 10 days if the algae problem is very serious.

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Aquili Anti Algae 250ml 
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