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Aquatlantis New Elegance Plus 60 White without Stand

Aquatlantis New Elegance Plus 60 White without Stand
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Price: 203,12Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Aquarium complete with LED lighting and filtration system Biobox


Aquariums Elegance Plus have a very high popularity index, because they combine elegant design with functionality, essential for good maintenance. All models include an LED lighting system, safer and cheaper, and a complete filtration system. Elegance Plus 60 has 109 liters of capacity and 61 cm long. It is equipped with a filtration system BIOBOX®2, which includes a water pump EasyFlux 600, a heater and filter cartridges EasyKlim 150 EasyBox.

LED technology allows a very low consumption of energy and provides greater durability to its illuminations. Its low voltage gives greater safety, while the high power ensures a high quality to the light emitted. The LED illumination provides all of these benefits to any aquarium, ensuring excellent quality of life for fish and plants.

Biobox 2 is a complete filter system for aquariums up to 250 liters, thanks to its system of filter cartridges 4EasyBox, it has an excellent capacity of biological filtration, mechanical and mica. It ensures a thorough cleaning of the aquarium water, eliminating waste pollutants, which can be detrimental to fish and plants. BIOBOX®2 includes a filtration pump EasyFlux 600, a heater 200 EasyKlim four refills EasyBox, in size S and L.

BIOBOX 2 includes four refills EasyBox, two in size S, both in size L, which eliminate the harmful substances that are accumulating in the aquarium water. EasyBox Fiber L is highly effective as a pre-filter, as it captures the polluting particles smaller. EasyBox Sponge Coarse L promotes intense decomposition of pollutants, ensuring clear water and purified. EasyBox Aquaclay S is a natural product from the porous surface that promotes excellent conditions for colonization by the bacteria. Finally, S EasyBox Activated Carbon removes organic compounds dissolved in the water, as well as odors and toxins, through chemical absorption. All reloads Tecatlantis exert a filter extremely effective.


Bath: cm61x40,4x55h, capacity 109 liters
Support: cm 61x40,4x83h

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Aquatlantis New Elegance Plus 60 White without Stand 
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