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Aquarium Munster
Aquarium Munster
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Aquarium Munster Dr.Bassleer Biofish Regular Flakes 250ml/35gr

Aquarium Munster Dr.Bassleer Biofish Regular Flakes 250ml/35gr
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Price: 6,69Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Aquarium Munster Dr.Bassleer Biofish Regular Flakes 250ml/35gr


The feed line Bassleer Dr. Biofish Food , developed by renowned ichthyologist Dr. Gerald Bassleer , follow the example that nature offers us for the selection of nutrients.

Thanks to a special production process in the feed are fully available in particular vitamins, proteins and trace elements.

These feeds contain all the necessary amino acids , unsaturated fatty acids (eg omega -3) , minerals , trace elements and vitamins for healthy fish and resistant . Feed dr. Bassleer do not contain artificial colors and provide a unique nutrient supply .

They are easily digestible and do not affect the water quality.
The new line of bows DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD The new line of flake Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food contains only natural ingredients for a balanced diet . The flakes of premium quality are particularly rich in nutrients and vitamins, with fish coming mainly from Scandinavia . The special production process at low temperature , velocity and pressure prevents overheating of the ingredients that are as easy to digest and fully bioavailable. The special production process also gives flakes the particular characteristic of surface roughness that allows you to hear and notice the small particles , for instance, of algae . The aquarium fish fed with Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food flaked show excellent conditions and a healthy, natural color , in addition to faster growth and a higher fertility rate .


fish and fish derivatives , molluscs and crustaceans , minerals, algae , wheat , oils and fats , yeast , vegetable matter and derivatives.


vit A 10000 IE / Kg , vit D3 2000 IE / Kg , vit E 200 mg / kg , zinc 416.7 mg / kg , manganese 312.5 mg / kg , 296 mg iron / kg , calcium 7.9 mg / kg , sodium 6.4 mg / kg , copper 2.4 mg / kg , selenium 0.2 mg / kg , 33 mg astaxanthin / kg


crude protein 45.4% , crude fat 8.5% , ash 15% , 4% moisture , crude fiber 2 %

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Aquarium Munster Dr.Bassleer Biofish Regular Flakes 250ml/35gr 
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