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Aquarium Munster
Aquarium Munster
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Aquarium Munster Aquavital Granu Peat 1200ml

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Price: 9,15Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Aquarium Munster Aquavital Granu Peat 1200ml

  • aquavital granu-peat are a highly effective form of peat for optimum-filtering of the aquarium water.
  • aquavital granu-peat soften the water and achieve ideal pH-values, even under unfavourable conditions.
  • aquavital granu-peat contain a variety of organic substances, such as valuable humic acid, tanning agents and the trace elements essential for survival.
  • aquavital granu-peat boost the natural defenses of the fish, prevent fish diseases and check the spread of bacteria.
  • aquavital granu-peat are ideal for the natural care and breeding of tropical ornamental fish.

Treatment of the aquarium water:

Is an important factor in the care of ornamental fish. Commercially available water tests provide you with a simple way of reading the values of the aquarium water. It is particularly important to regularly monitor the pH-value, the total hardness, ammonium, nitrate, and if possible, the carbonate hardness values.

  • The carbonate hardness (CH) represents the "temporary hardness" of the water, orthe bonding of calcium and magnesium with carbon dioxide.
  • The total hardness (TH) represents the "permanent hardness" of the water, determined by the bonding of calcium and magnesium withrall other substances.
  • The pH-value represents the degree of acidity of the water. Neutral water has a pH-value of 7. For pH-values lower than 7, we speak in terms of acid water, and in terms of alkaline water for pH-values over 7.

aquavital granu-peat can regulate even the most unfavourable of water values in a natural manner. Due to its high effectiveness it is particularly important that the pH of the water be constantly monitored to maintain the correct pH balance.
The values of the aquarium water should be specially adapted to suit the fish in the aquarium. Aquavital granu-peat are added to the filter material.
The quality of the source water determines the dosage. The water values (pH and hardness in particular) must be regularly monitored to determine the optimal quantity.

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Aquarium Munster Aquavital Granu Peat 1200ml 
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Home » Water treatment » Freshwater » Peat and catappa
Water treatment » Filter media » Peat

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