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AquaIllumination Nero 3

AquaIllumination Nero 3
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Price: 199,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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With the introduction of Nero 3, the Nero 5 has a smaller sister, with which Aqua Illumination follows on from the successful history of the Nero flow pump series.

This intelligent, compact, powerful and aesthetic submersible  powerhead was developed over many months based on the Nero 5.

It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth LE technology for an almost instant connection with the MyAi® app on your smartphone or tablet and can also be controlled directly via the integrated controller for instant access.
There are different flow modes available which can be programmed to provide the perfect flow for your aquarium:

  • Random - Keep your tank guessing with the random flow mode. The Nero 3 will randomly change its flow rate throughout the day creating natural water movement throughout your reef tank. 
  • Pulse - Creating a standing wave can be done with the Nero 3 in Pulse Mode. The pulse interval can be changed to harmonize with your aquarium, along with the max flow rate. Having a wave can cause additional stress on your aquarium, but is a great method for lifting settled detritus from hard to reach areas. 
  • Constant - Set it and forget it! Just set the appropriate flow rate and the Nero 3 will keep flowing at that speed until you change the mode or flow. 
  • Schedule - Create a schedule that can utilize multiple different flow modes. With the MyAi app creating a schedule for your flow is simple and can be done in minutes!
  • Feed - If you target feed, having a pump with feed mode is a requirement. Just hold the driver button for 2-5 seconds to put the Nero 3 into feed mode for 10 minutes. 
  • All-Off - Turn off your pump whenever you want with full control over when they turn back on. Just hold the driver button for 6 or more seconds to turn the pump off. Touching the button again will restart the pump. 

Not only can individual flow patterns be defined, but times of day and night can also be displayed. 

This allows you to choose a calmer, more constant flow pattern during the night when the aquarium residents are resting, while during the day you can opt for random currents or constant ones with full energy.

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AquaIllumination Nero 3 
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Home » Technic » Pumps » Circulation pumps

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