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AquaIllumination Nero V

AquaIllumination Nero V
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Price: 259,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Nero 5 of Aqua Illumination creates a wide, adjustable flow, strong yet delicate at the same time. The traditional pumps produce an intense movement that can annoy the corals, the innovative design of Nero 5, instead, pushes the water with a wide flow that can move food, debris or other floating free particles without hitting the corals directly. The movement pumps, in a marine aquarium, have different functions, the main objective is to produce a flow that avoids the formation of dead zones and contributes to move the debris that will then be removed by filtration. With the BlueTooth LE technology, you can set the pump in different modes or create a daily program to change the flow during the day.

     Compact design
     Wide flow


Now with BlueTooth LE you can connect to your pumps faster, have a greater range and access multiple functions, but above all you can avoid the whole process of creating a wireless network to interface with. Now with Nero 5, by opening the MyAi App, you can choose how it works and control the movement in your aquarium. Different flow modes will allow you to choose what is best for your corals and for your fish. Among the particularly interesting features are the Random and Schedule modes, you can create a complete daily program, which goes through different modes and settings, or let Nero 5 establish it for you, in Random mode. The included controller has a single button but is extremely versatile and if you do not want to control the pump via a smart device, do not worry, simply by pressing or holding the button for different times, you can change speed, mode or turn the pump on and off without having to access additional control interfaces.

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AquaIllumination Nero V 
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Home » Technic » Pumps » Circulation pumps

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