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Aquaforest Lab PO4 Plus 200ml

Aquaforest Lab PO4 Plus 200ml
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Price: 14,02Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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The use of strong filter media, nutrient depressants and skimmers can cause a sudden drop in phosphate levels in the aquarium. Phosphorus is an important element for zooxanthellae – photosynthetic algae that live in symbiosis with corals. With zero phosphorus values ​​in the aquarium, the zooxanthellae simply “starve”. A zero PO4 level in a saltwater aquarium makes it much more difficult to reduce NO3, so a precise phosphate value correction is necessary.

AF PO4 + is a product intended primarily for aquarium owners with a small number of fish or very intensive filtration. Heavily sterilized water, devoid of nutrients, causes problems with coral dyeing, bleaching and significantly inhibited growth. LPS corals are particularly sensitive to low nutrient levels. AF PO4 + allows you to accurately correct phosphate levels and quickly restore the desired values.

AF PO4 + is a product of the Aquaforest Lab line created for aquarists who want to have full control over the parameters in their tank. Before use, we recommend that you test both NO3 and PO4 levels and dose them gradually until the desired phosphate level is achieved.

The product in a convenient and safe package, for use in a marine aquarium.

DOSAGE: 1 ml of AF PO4 + added to 100 l of aquarium water increases the phosphate level by 0.01 mg/l

The maximum recommended daily dose is: 1 ml/100 l

The optimal phosphate (PO4) value for a reef aquarium is 0.03-0.05 mg/l.

Only use when the PO4 level is very low


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Aquaforest Lab PO4 Plus 200ml 
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