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Aquaforest Freshwater AF Natural Substrate 7,5L

Aquaforest Freshwater AF Natural Substrate 7,5L
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Price: 19,47Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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AF Natural Substrate is a substrate based on clay and peat rich in nutrients for aquascaping and planted aquariums. The micronutrients readily available and the food for the plants it contains in a fertile environment similar to that found in nature, ideal for long-term support and growth of plants. AF Natural Substrate is very suitable for the development of a healthy root system, and helps water plants thrive. Peat and clay have a natural natural exchange capacity (CEC) that will also absorb all the excess nutrients from the water, and will release again in water if they are scarce. Features and benefits: peat has been designed to meet the needs of health and safety. The clay improves the structure and acts as a base, thus giving excellent consistency. Clay, like peat, provides a natural layer for the accumulation of excess nutrients, and the ion balance in the tank is. The micronutrient content was supplemented with the supervision of the laboratory for operators that the industrial aquatic abundance of trace elements, while the chemical balance remains stable. AF Natural Substrate is rich in micronutrients, so for the first three months Aquaforest does not recommend the use of fertilizers containing micronutrients, unless the plants show signs of deficiency.

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Aquaforest Freshwater AF Natural Substrate 7,5L 
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