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Aquaforest Freshwater Anti Phosphate 500ml

Aquaforest Freshwater Anti Phosphate 500ml
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Price: 10,92Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Aquaforest Freshwater Anti Phosphate, anti-phosphate resin for fresh water.

Aquaforest was founded in 1995 and its first commitment is in the production of substrates and fertilizers for plants developed for zoos, private aquariums and companies specialized in the cultivation of aquatic plants.

A couple of years later the production of own plants began; subsequently they also dedicated themselves to fish and corals. Afterwards, given the growth that was recording, Aquaforest has decided to expand its production also to supplements, food and sea salt using the experience gained in 'breeding and growing plants fish and corals.

This is how high - level studies and research for marine aquariums began; important investments for the creation of unique products designed to best feed their animals and to grow their plants as fully as possible. When they realized the high level that their products had reached, they thought it was time to put them on the market and not to use them exclusively for production purposes.

In 2011 the Aquaforest production began for end users, gaining the immediate and growing attention of marine shopkeepers and aquarists.

The Aquaforest product line was created to put at the service of all the knowledge and experience accumulated by the founders of the company who know the pros and cons of the marine aquariums have learned on their skin how to solve the problems you are facing and what to do to have a spectacular aquarium.
Anti Phosphate:

The product effectively removes phosphates from the aquarium. AF Anti Phophate prevents the development of cyanobacteria and red algae. It is highly effective in maintaining the desired proportion of nitrate and phosphate levels in the tank. Thanks to its unique composition, AF Anti Phosphate adsorbs phosphates from water without adsorbing crucial vitamins and micronutrients. Maintaining a perfect balance between phosphate and nitrate levels guarantees crystal clear water and optimal conditions for plant growth and development. AF Anti Phosphate is recommended especially for aquariums with few or overcrowded plants and for the Malawi and Tanganyika biotope aquariums.


AF Anti Phosphate should be placed in a filter basket, measuring 50ml per 100 liters of water.

The product is for use in the aquarium only. Store in a cool place, away from the light and the reach of children.

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Aquaforest Freshwater Anti Phosphate 500ml 
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