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Aquaforest Easy Gloss 200ml

Aquaforest Easy Gloss 200ml
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Price: 7,20Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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AF Easy Gloss is an effective agent allowing easy and safe cleaning both marine and freshwater aquariums.

 The agent is great for dealing with even the most persistent dirt appearing on the glass of the aquarium. In a marine aquarium, it easily removes greasy stains left by saltwater.  In freshwater aquariums it easily removes limescale. It allows for perfect cleaning of windows without leaving smudges. Apart from being highly effective, the product is safe for aquatic organisms, which is so important while working with aquariums full of fragile animals. The composition was made of  the best ingredients that don't affect the condition  of corals and fish. The unique formula has been laboratory tested to obtain the highest  effectiveness while maintaining the appropriate safety of the cleaning agent. Due to this, you can use AF Easy Gloss without fear that any harmful substances will get into the skimmer.

 A product with a pleasant lavender scent in a convenient spray bottle. Store in a cool place away from children.


How to use:




Using AF Easy Gloss spray the glass cleaner with a paper towel and start cleaning the aquarium. After finishing work, polish the aquarium again, this time with a dry towel.



Key features:




The composition is fully safe for fish and corals

Suitable for any type of the aquarium

Efficient and effective

Effectively removes greasy stains from the glass surface

Removes limescale

No smudges


 Position in the Aquarium Shop 

Aquaforest Easy Gloss 200ml 
is in the Categories:

Home » Accessories and spare parts » Maintenance » Detergents

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