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Aquael HyperMax 4500

Aquael HyperMax 4500
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Price: 357,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Hypermax is a modern canister filter that will provide excellent filtration quality in even the largest aquarium tanks. The intuitiveness, the electronic operation and the safety of use make the filter usable by both expert and novice aquarists. The high quality that Aquael products have been famous for for nearly 40 years ensures reliability and durability.

Hypermax has a huge filter capacity of 15.9 litres. This, together with the more efficient, energy-saving and electronically controlled pump, allows you to manage aquariums with a wide range of capacities: from 200 to an impressive 1500 litres. A set of 2 inlet pipes and 2 outlet pipes ensures proper water circulation throughout the aquarium, which effectively prevents the formation of dead zones.

Aquael products guarantee a high safety standard. Hypermax is powered by an operating voltage of 24V, which poses no threat to human life and health. Secondly, in the event of a rotor jam, the device will automatically shut down, thus avoiding the escalation of the consequences of the failure. Furthermore, we will be notified of the event by a sound and light signal. Hypermax will react the same way if there is no rotor in the engine compartment.

You can rest assured that you can handle Hypermax, even if you are a novice aquarist. Our designers have taken care of the comfort and intuitiveness of its use in every detail: from the easy-to-use control panel to the wheels that allow comfortable movement of the device. Proven and patented features previously used in ULTRAMAX filters have also been used. We are talking about the pre-filter and the systems: double ball valves and automatic filter flooding. These solutions have enjoyed positive opinions from aquarists for years.

The 1.5L pre-filter integrated into the lid of the device effectively blocks large contaminants, significantly reducing the frequency of filter maintenance. Cleaning the prefilter itself is very simple and does not even require removing the device from the cabinet. You just need to lift the lid, remove the sponge from the basket and rinse it under running water.

Aquarists know that the critical step of the job requiring access inside the filter is usually the disconnection of the inlet and outlet hoses from the device. The water remaining in the filter most often spills onto the floor, which causes justified irritation. To avoid this, Hypermax uses a patented double ball valve system. They simultaneously close the inlet and outlet of the filter in the lid and the hose opening and stop the uncontrolled escape of water.

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Aquael HyperMax 4500 
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