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Price: 14,51Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: JBL AQUADUR 250 GR

Product: JBL - AquaDur plus
Ion distribution in % (w/w):
Calcium 45
Sodium 31
Potassium 13,4
Magnesium 10,6
Hydrogen carbonate 45,4
Sulphate 32,6
Chloride 22



JBL AquaDur plus is a mineral mixture containing carbonate hardening as well as total hardening constituents. The composition is based on the ion distribution of most tropical waters.
JBL AquaDur plus is ideally suited for increasing the corbonate and total hardness levels in all soft water. The puffer capacity is therefore increased, stabilizing the pH values and preventing a harmful drop in acidity. B-group vitamins and other important active substances, essential above all for the vital micro-organisms in an aquarium, make soft water which has been treated with JBL AquaDur plus the ideal basic water for keeping and breeding all types of aquarium fish.

Instructions for use:

With JBL AquaDur plus any soft water can be adjusted to whatever degree of hardness s required, according to the requirements of the fish being kept, by simly stirring in the powder. JBL AquaDur plus is equally suitable for reverse osmosis water, completely demineralized mains water, soft mains water and rain water.
JBL AquaDur plus adds absolutely no pollutants to the water and is particularly suitable for hardening water in cases where the level of pollutants in the original water make treatment with reverse osmosis necessary. In addition, the distribution of ions in water which has been hardened with JBL AquaDur plus is more beneficial to most tropical fish than normal mains water.


1 measuring spoon (approx. 4.5 g) increases 100 I water by 0.6° dKH and 0.8° dGH.
Conductivity is increased by approx. 50 pS.
The contents of the package increase 3250 I water by approx. 1° dKH and 1.3° dGH.

Note: The productis hygroscopic. Store in a dry place and always close the plastic bag securely with the encolosed clip after opening.

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is in the Categories:

Home » Water treatment » Freshwater » RO salts
Technic » RO system » Water and RO salts

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