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JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganica 250gr

JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganica 250gr
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Price: 14,51Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganica 250gr

Application: freshwater aquarium


The qualities of the water of the East African rift lakes, Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika, clearly differ from mid-European tap water. Characteristic are carbonate hardness which are above the values of the total hardness, as well as more or less high alkaline pH values of about 8-9.
JBL AquaDur Malawi/Tanganyika makes water for the species-specific care of East African cichlids from tap water as well as from osmosis water. The pH values are adjusted and buffered at the required alkaline level by increasing the carbonate hardness. This promotes brilliance of colour, readiness to spawn and health.

Instructions for use:

In medium-hard to hard tap water: 2 level 5 g measuring spoons for 30 I.

In soft tap water and osmosis water: For Malawi cichlids: l level 5 g measuring spoon for 101.
For Tanganyika cichlids: 2 level 5 g measuring spoons for 15 I.

For partial changes of water add only the dose required for the amount of water changed.
The product is hygroscopic! Close the bag after use with the clip included.

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JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganica 250gr 
is in the Categories:

Home » Water treatment » Freshwater » RO salts
Technic » RO system » Water and RO salts

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