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JBL Aquabasis Plus 2,5 l – Long-term nutrient substrate mixture

JBL Aquabasis Plus 2,5 l – Long-term nutrient substrate mixture
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Price: 7,29Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL Aquabasis Plus – Long-term nutrient substrate mixture


 JBL – Aquabasis plus, with 5 vital elements provides plant roots with the right basis:

  • Selected natural peat create a slightly acidic environment, making nutrients readily available to the plants.
  • Special clay granulate serves as a nutrient depot, releasing nutrients when there is a deficit and absorbing them when there is a surplus.
  • Mineral carrier material ensures a reliable supply of trace elements.
  • Nutrient iron in the form of granulate specially balanced for plants roots.
  • Highly porous mineral granulate provides the best possible conditions for colonization with beneficial substrate bacteria.



Spread a 2-3 cm deep layer of JBL aquabasis plus as the bottom layer in the aquarium and cover with a layer (2-4 cm) of washed aquarium gravel, grain size 2-3 mm. Carefully fill the aquarium to about 70% full with water. The best way is to place a flat plate or similar on the floor of the aquarium and pour a gentle stream of the water onto it.
Then plant the aquarium and fill with the rest of the water. Install the filter and other equipment, then start up the equipment.


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JBL Aquabasis Plus 2,5 l – Long-term nutrient substrate mixture 
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