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AquaArt Shrimp Sand Powder Black 1,8kg -

AquaArt Shrimp Sand Powder Black 1,8kg -
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Price: 16,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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ShrimpSand is a scientifically developed substrate based on natural volcanic soil. Sintered with other essential materials and alkaline elements, it creates a porous, soft structure, ideal for the development of natural bacterial flora. The exclusive ShrimpSand technology protects the health, proper development and safety of shrimp. It does this by absorbing ammonia and pollutants. It also provides water clarification by absorbing its cloudiness and discoloration. ShrimpSand corrects the hardness of the water used and sets the pH buffer, stabilizing its value at the ideal pH level of 6.5 for shrimp.


Features of ShrimpSand:


      Safety: Has absorbent properties that remove impurities, including ammonia, from water.

      Water clarification: restores water clarity, removes colors and cloudiness caused by, for example, wooden decorative elements in the interior of the aquarium.

      Stabilizes Water pH: Softens water to levels appropriate for the natural range of most shrimp species. Stabilizes the pH buffer.

      Natural bacterial flora: the porous structure of ShrimSand guarantees the development of the natural bacterial flora, necessary for the correct functioning of the aquarium and the good condition of the shrimps.

      Natural look: fits perfectly into the arrangement of aquariums, harmonizing with shrimps..

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AquaArt Shrimp Sand Powder Black 1,8kg - 
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