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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Light 3lt

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Light 3lt
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Price: 17,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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New substrate of the Aqua Soil series; easy to use, it has also been developed for less experienced aquascapers. It comes from the same natural soil of the Amazon, but it has a color and properties other than the conventional type.

Aqua Soil-Amazonia is considered one of the best materials for good plant growth, but at the same time, some less experienced or experienced hobbyists may experience management difficulties in the early period. When Amazonia is used in an aquarium where aquatic plants are not yet dense and thick, the rich organic and nitrogen compounds contained in it can cause turbidity or colored water and seaweed in the tub. These problems will be solved when the aquatic plants will be grown so as to cover the entire surface of the substrate; but to establish such an environment, frequent water changes are needed to keep the aquarium in good condition. Amazonia Light contains less organic compounds and nitrogen, reducing the possibility of problems during the initial setup period of an aquarium. Another feature of Amazon Light is its natural light brown color. Standard Amazonia soil is almost black because of the black ground used as a base material. Although this black color is proof of a rich amount of humic acid and other organic acids contained in the soil, the constant use of the same color of the soil can limit the variation of aquatic landscapes. To overcome this problem, the reddish Aqua Soil-African and the yellow-colored Aqua Soil-Malaya have been introduced to increase color variations, but these soils have the problem of inadequate nutrient content, leading to plant growth slower than the Amazon. Unlike these soils, the Amazonia Light containing a moderate amount of black soil provides sufficient nutrients for plant growth with its natural light brown color.

Comparison of plant growth rate between Amazonia and Amazonia Light

What are the different properties of Amazonia and Amazonia Light? In judging the impact on water quality, the ability to lower pH and reduce carbonate hardness (KH) are similar. This result shows that Amazonia Light creates water conditions suitable for the cultivation of ordinary aquatic plants. Subsequently, a comparison of COD (measurement of organic compounds in water) and ammonium (NH4) (the measurement of nitrogen content) was performed and it was found that both of these parameters were lower if l was used 'Amazonia Light. The value of phosphates (PO4) was lower in the case of Amazonia Light. From these results, it is assumed that there will be less chance of turbid water and algae growth when Amazonia Light is used. This hypothesis was further supported by comparative experimentation of the two soil for plant growth. In the case of Aqua Soil-Amazonia, stem plants grew higher with the help of ammonium and phosphoric acid contained in the Amazon, but at the same time, diatomaceous (brown algae) and green algae grew more rapidly causing a temporary slowdown in the growth rate of the foreground plants (see photos of "after 4 days" and "after 8 days"). Using Amazonia Light instead, both stem plants, and the foreground plants showed healthy growth without being covered by algae. The density and color of the leaves of the plants were sufficient (refer to images of "after 12 days" and "after 18 days"). This difference is probably due to the fact that the nitrogen source with Amazonia Light are nitrates (NO3). As we all know, the story of Aquarius Nature shows that aquatic plants grow healthy with the Amazonia substrate by devoting care and maintenance. Now, aquarium management in the initial setup period will be easier with Amazonia Light in most cases. The launch of Amazonia Light marks a new era where aquascapers can choose between Amazonia and Amazonia Light depending on their aquarium maintenance capabilities and color preference.

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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Light 3lt 
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