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Aqpet Wild Salt bucket 20kg

Aqpet Wild Salt bucket 20kg
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Price: 77,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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WILD SALT is a natural sea salt obtained by integrating Red Sea salts with MgCl₂ (magnesium chloride) from the Dead Sea. The production of our salt is located in the Red Sea and has been monitored and developed by expert biologists who have tested it for several years. Our goal was to produce seawater virtually identical to that found in nature (NSW). Furthermore, a drying process at the right temperatures has allowed us to offer you a salt that:

    it was obtained naturally from the dehydration of micro and macro elements
    it does not release residues on the bottom thanks to an important purification process
    the integration of natural mineral salts allowed us to achieve an ionic balance of Ca, Mg, K and NaHCO₃ (sodium bicarbonate) excluding precipitation and sedimentation
    free from nitrates, phosphates, silicates and other unwanted substances
    it stimulates the growth of corals and intensifies the coloring, particular attention has been paid to the potassium content which is believed to be the factor responsible for intensifying the purple colors and those in the blue range.

20 kg pack

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Aqpet Wild Salt bucket 20kg 
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Home » Water treatment » Marine Water » Marine salt

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