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Amtra SMART aspires waste battery

Amtra SMART aspires waste battery
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Price: 15,69Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Amtra SMART aspires waste battery


Maintenance of your aquarium becomes very easy via the new Smart, aspirarifiuti the Amtra . This aspirarifiuti is battery operated and not regular. This means that can be used everywhere, even in cases of emergency as a filter. Smart is able to suck impurit from the bottom of your aquarium or acquaterrario very simple.



The bell suction perfectly separates the debris from the gravel, and conveying them in the special two-stage filter cartridge. The sock filter, placed in the second stage, it purifies the water absorbing more debris' purposes, while the cartridge in the second stage, it purifies the water absorbing substances discolte water. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the product, not included, which fills the cartridge (such as activated carbon, zeolite, canolicchi, cotton, etc ...) and its quality. Thanks to Smart is also possible to effectively clean the bottom of the aquarium also eliminating dangerous chemicals that lie rotting on the bottom and giving rise to high concentrations of ammonia toxic to fish and plants.

Smart, thanks to its modular system is suitable for aquariums of all sizes and all turtles. Can then be used as a normal siphon for water changes the aquarium. (related to 12mm hose, not included). Also, thanks to food, the system aspirarifiuti Smart can be used in case of blackouts as a filter of an emergency. Works with two standard 1.5V batteries not included.

Smart is 63 cm long and can enter the water up to 41 cm.

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Amtra SMART aspires waste battery 
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