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Amtra Ring GlaX- pack 550gr

Amtra Ring GlaX-  pack 550gr
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Price: 6,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Amtra Ring GlaX-  pack 550gr


The aquarium is a closed environment where the water is continuously purified through a path inside the filter, by special filter materials.

The first step is mechanical filtration, obtained through a synthetic wool (master filter), which serves to deprive the water of coarse impurities.
The second stage is instead the biological treatment, carried out by microorganisms that decompose the pollutants dissolved in water. A good biological filter depends on the volume and the capacity of filter media to host microorganisms. The filters for aquariums are often small, it also tends to over-tanks with too many fish.
The result is a lack of filtering capacity that degenerates in poor environmental conditions. GLAXO RING 550 GR. Glax Ring is a new generation of filter material characterized by high levels of filtering.

A liter of product has a usable area of 200 square meters for the establishment of micro-organisms for biological self-cleaning. Thanks to the wide area and high amplitude of its cavity (20 to 50 micrometers), this material is ideal for purifying water for your aquarium, liberating ammonia and nitrite is also coupled to Glaxo also allows the stone hard process of 'elimination of nitrates.

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Amtra Ring GlaX- pack 550gr 
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