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Amtra Nanoscaping Misure 30x30x30h

Amtra Nanoscaping Misure 30x30x30h
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Price: 47,58Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Amtra Nanoscaping Misure 30x30x30h


General Information:

 Ultraclear glass tank. The tank is made with a special ultra clear glass that allows a perfect view of water world.

If we wish to create an underwater vision of nature, this must be as beautiful as possible, as biologically correct as possible
and as striking as possible. This is why our selection of the amtra pro nature products is consistently based on the sensitive
instructions given by Mother Nature. What we want is to inspire you to take a new approach, to achieve a fresh and natural
set-up in your aquarium. Set your creativity free and design underwater landscape like those in nature. This can be a
river landscape with flat gravel, the habitat of the bank of a lake, or simply a black underwater landscape which cannot be
equalled in expressiveness and natural character. Less is more; with amtra pro nature you can work wonders on the fate of
your underwater world with a few minimal changes in the aquarium ecosystem. Natural water preparation, algae treatment,
substrate improvement and decorative elements produce MORE effects with LESS manipulation.




Wave Zen-Artist

is a synthesis of Aquarium on a highglossy finish tray, a irresistible combination, not onlyfor confirmed aquaristic-enthusiasts. Visual you achieve a smooth transition between thewater- and landpart, the specific clou, especially by the use of selected gravel-compounds like amtra pro

nature, rio negro, Mekong & sambia.Technical equipment, made by  wave, assure a optimalworking.


 Position in the Aquarium Shop 

Amtra Nanoscaping Misure 30x30x30h 
is in the Categories:

Home » Tanks and Stands » Tanks » Tanks up to 40cm
Tanks and Stands » Tanks » Cubes

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