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Alxyon Specialized Community 1kg

Alxyon Specialized Community 1kg
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Price: 50,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Specialized Community is a mineral salt mix for the mineral rebalancing of water in the community aquarium with plants.
That is the community aquarium in which, in addition to maintaining the most common species of fishes, we also want to lay the foundations for obtaining an excellent growth of aquatic plants.
Thus managing to recreate an aquatic ecosystem perfectly suited to the vital needs of the animal guests and which, at the same time, is also very pleasant to see.

Specialized Community does not need CO2 to dissolve completely and quickly.

Starting from demineralized water (for example from osmosis or ion exchange resins), Specialized Community allows to obtain water suitable both for the community aquarium and for the cultivation of aquatic plants in a very simple way.

Specialized Community simultaneously reconstructs total hardness (generally measured in dGH) and alkalinity (generally measured in dKH), bringing them both to ideal values.

It also provides a dose of Potassium such as to support plant growth without the need for further additions (indeed, not recommended).

Main features of Specialized Community

With the use of Specialized Community at the recommended dosages (3 grams every 10 liters) you can be sure that all the essential cations and anions are present in quantities and reciprocal relationships that best combine the needs of the community aquarium and planted aquarium, obtaining in particular the following advantages:

• Conductivity
It stands at a low value (about 380 µSiemens / cm). Great for a classic community aquarium and very important for plants.

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Alxyon Specialized Community 1kg 
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Water treatment » Fertilizers » Alxyon protocol
Technic » RO system » Water and RO salts

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