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Alxyon ReBalance K1 250ml

Alxyon ReBalance K1 250ml
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Price: 16,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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In the PhytaGen protocol, it is considered essential to start from excellent quality demineralized water (for example from reverse osmosis) and from its perfect mineral reconstruction through the use of S1 Planta salts.
This is because only this strategy allows the correct ionic balance of the water, the containment of its conductivity and, consequently, the greater medium-term stability of the aquarium ecosystem (with reduction of water changes and thinning of the necessary "reset") .
That said ... in all cases where, for whatever reason, you need to supplement Potassium separately, Alxyon makes available ReBalance K1 aquarists.

The cases where it may be necessary to use ReBalance K1 are essentially the following:

• Use of drinking water instead of rebuilt demineralized water.
It may happen that you want / can use a source of drinking water if its conductivity, its alkalinity and its calcium and magnesium content appear balanced and suitable for the purpose.
Or it may happen that you want / can use this water to replenish the osmotic water by mixing it with it.

In these situations, beyond other unknowns (such as for example the concentrations / ratios of sulphates and chlorides and the concentration of sodium), there is generally a very low concentration of potassium (typical of drinking water and unsuitable for the cultivation of plants). which must necessarily be correct.
Hence the need to reintegrate the Potassium separately.

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Alxyon ReBalance K1 250ml 
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