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Alxyon PhytaGen S1 Planta 750gr

Alxyon PhytaGen S1 Planta 750gr
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Price: 57,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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PhytaGen S1 Planta is a mineral salt mix for the optimization of the water mineral content in planted aquaria.

Starting from deionized water (obtained either by reverse osmosis or ion exchange resins), PhytaGen S1 Planta allows to obtain a water which is perfectly suited for the cultivation of aquatic plants in a very simple way.

PhytaGen S1 Planta simultaneously restores Total/General Hardness (usually measured in dGH) and Alkalinity (usually measured in dKH), bringing both of them up to ideal values.
It also provides a dose of Potassium that does not need further additions (not recommended).

Main features of PhytaGen S1 Planta

Using PhytaGen S1 Planta at the recommended doses (3 grams evry 10 liters) gives the certainty that all the indispensable Cations and Anions are present in amounts and reciprocal ratios which are ideal for planted aquaria.
Obtaining in particular the following advantages:

• Conductivity
stabilizes on a very low value (around 380 µSiemens/cm).
Which is a very important thing in planted aquaria (see details below).

• Alkalinity
is brought to 4 dKH.
This value, in conjunction to the correct CO2 concentration (that in planted aquaria should be kept between 15 and 30 mg/l), allows to buffer pH in the range 6,6 -7,0 (because of the relationship linking pH, Alkalinity and dissolved CO2).
This is important, because a pH value of 6,6 to 7,0 is in turn ideal for maintaining the correct activity of the chelants and trace elements introduced.

• Potassium
Potassium concentration is brought to a base value (39 mg/l) high enough for preventing deficiencies even on the most demanding plant species with no need, with regular water changes and in the full observance of the protocol, of subsequent specific supplementation (thus not recommended).

• Chloride
is kept at a low value (6,2 mg/l).
This at the same time prevents deficiencies of this trace element and stimulate plants to balance internal cations not through the anion Chloride but instead through the synthesis of organic acids and the use of their anions; playing an important role in the absorption, translocation and use of  trace elements.

• Calcium and Magnesium
are supplied in ideal amounts (35.2 mg/l and 9.3 mg/l respectively) and reciprocal ratio (around 3.8:1).

• Sulfur
is maintained at a quite high value (30,6 mg/l as Sulfur or 91,8 mg/l as Sulfate), due to the great importance of this element in plant nutrition (often considered as the forth macro-element).

• Sodium
Sodium is kept at ZERO (due to the uselessness of this element in a planted aquarium).


PhytaGen S1 Planta is not hygroscopic and does not pose problems for its storage.
Anyway it is always advisable to keep it with the lid well closed and in a dry environment.

Should it become wet for any reason, it may be returned to its original consistency by keeping it for a few days in its open can inside a ventilated refrigerator.

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Alxyon PhytaGen S1 Planta 750gr 
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