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Alxyon PhytaGen N1 250ml

Alxyon PhytaGen N1 250ml
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Price: 16,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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PhytaGen N1 is a Nitrogen mineral supplement for aquaria.

The use of PhytaGen N1 is advisable in the cultivation of fast-growing aquatic plants and / or where their nitrogen needs can not be guaranteed by the organic substances introduced by other routes (eg through the bottom or the introduction of feed for fish).

With PhytaGen N1 Nitrogen is supplied predominantly in oxidized form (Anion Nitrate: NO3-); but there is also a minority share in reduced form (Cation Ammonium: NH4+).
The reduced quota provides Ammonium in an easily assimilable form from plants and immediately available for their metabolism and at the same time nourishes the nitrifying bacterial flora responsible for the nitrogen cycle, helping to maintain the biological balance of the aquarium.
The part eventually transformed by the bacteria will eventually return to the circulation, remaining at the disposal of the plants as Nitrate.

PhytaGen N1 does not contain any forms of Nitrogen that can create problems for the aquarium ecosystem, such as organic forms such as Urea or Amino Acids.

PhytaGen N1 does not cause accumulations of Potassium in the tank, since the Nitrogen present is not simply balanced / only by Potassium, but rather by a mix of Cations containing Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium in perfectly physiological quantities for aquatic plants.

In this way all the components of PhytaGen N1 are absorbed and used by the plants, without leaving in the tank quantities of residual elements that can alter the ionic balance of the water, favor the accumulation of Potassium and increase the Conductivity.

In order to allow the best development of plants, it is important to highlight how Nitrogen and Phosphorus should always be present in water in a correct reciprocal relationship (see below in the directions of use).
Since however there may be cases of altered balance between these two elements in the tank and consequent need to dose them separately, alxyon has preferred to provide separate nitrogen and phosphorus supplements.







PhytaGen N1 is highly concentrated and contains 33885 mg/l of nitrogen.
For ease of understanding we emphasize that this is the same amount of nitrogen present in 150000 mg/l (150 grams/liter) of nitrates (NO3-).

As mentioned, however, NO3- is not the only source of nitrogen supplied, as this is as follows:

• 31626 mg / l of Nitrate Nitrogen (equivalent to 140000 mg/l of anion Nitrate (NO3-).
• 2270 mg / l of Ammoniacal Nitrogen (from 2920 mg/l of NH4+).
This quantity is equal to that present in 10000 mg/l of NO3-



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Alxyon PhytaGen N1 250ml 
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