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Woha Negro 80 Stand Color Maple

Woha Negro 80 Stand Color Maple
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List price: 125,00Euro [TaxInc]
Special price: 38,98Euro [TaxInc]
You save: 86,02Euro (69%)
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Aquarium equipped with everything you need for an immediate start


Woha is a 'German company with experience in the construction of tanks and media characterized by a simple and elegant design without neglecting the details of the finishing.

Paru is a rectangular aquarium with curved glass front for an optical panoramic suggestive; ècompleto T8 lighting and filter LAC 828; its peculiarity is the ability to not only remove the cover to perform the ordinary routine operations but also to remove the 'whole dashboard (with built-in lighting system) to have a greater freedom of movement in case of maintenance operations that require particular devices.

Lighting system:

E 'it equipped with a lighting system complete with two T8 neon 18w: one with a color temperature equal to 6500 ° K (ideal for
stimulating plant photosynthesis) and one with a temperature of 10000 ° K (perfect to enhance the coloration fish and plants).

E 'can, on request, replace the lighting system T8 with a group T5 light (with relative neon 16mm) prior communication in order phase so as to communicate the change in cost


 Supplied complete with intake system, hoses and couplings and delivery system with spray-bar for improved exchange surface, or baffle-on heading water at will, the 501 is a professional filter in effect . The two filter stages, biological and mechanical, have been carefully calculated and provide a large surface for the best filter action for the benefit of a better ecosystem; comes complete with ceramic biological supports and a mechanical fine porosity sponge can be used with any favorites. The shape and size of the filter facilitate the installation of the side or behind the aquarium.

Technical specifications of the filter:

Pump capacity: 300 l / h
Organic Room: 450 cm / cubic
Mechanics Room: 280 cm / cubic
Consumption: 5 watts
Dimensions: height 165 mm, width 90 mm, Depth 150 mm
Complete with filter materials.


Negro is also equipped with an automatic heater 150W:

temperature controller
Fully submersible
waterproof IP68
Safety isolation
Power indication light
adjustment range 20-34 ° C
suckers hooking including
220-240V 50-60Hz
Dimensions: mm290x25
Cable length 180cm


Bath: cm80x28/35x40h; capacity 101 liters
Support: cm80x28/35x70h

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