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De Vecchi Editore - Boa e Pitoni

De Vecchi Editore - Boa e Pitoni
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Price: 12,00Euro [TaxExc]
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Morphology, behavior, feeding, breeding, hygiene and treatment of diseases

Today that the terrarium is becoming increasingly common among young people and children, here are the answers to questions and doubts of the curious, the fans and the owners of these snakes. A book not only for the neophyte, then, but also for the expert, who can find here many tips and news to deepen their knowledge. Geographical distribution and habitat, morphology, where and how they live, purchase (read, precautions, where to go), what to do before you bring home the boide, how to set up a terrarium (heating, ventilation, lighting and setting), power (live prey and death, meal frequency, alternative foods), reproduction (mating, pregnancy, deposition, birth and care of children), and disease prevention. If you are passionate about these animals and want to breed them, if you already have a copy with you, but if you start from scratch, here you will find all the information to know them deeply and raise them properly, respecting the most of their nature and their needs.
Author: Massimo Millefanti
Pages: 96 with color photos
Format: 17x24 paperback
Language: italian

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De Vecchi Editore - Boa e Pitoni 
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