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De Vecchi Editore - I Pesci Rossi

De Vecchi Editore - I Pesci Rossi
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Price: 13,00Euro [TaxExc]
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Choice, variety, breeding, feeding, breeding, prevenzioe and treatment of diseases

Goldfish are always the starting point for any fan of aquariums to the easy availability and for their ability to interact with humans. To breed them and manage them well is essential to know the characteristics and needs that are typical of this species. Full of information and suggestions, this book is the work of a veterinarian with extensive experience in fish. It explains the origins and history, indicates how to choose the specimens, how to feed them properly and what are the best conditions for reproduction. From valuable advice to set up the aquarium, to prepare the outdoor bath and to keep the fish in good health, with signs to prevent or treat infections or diseases. It also explains the variety diversse: Cometa scales with metallic reflections, Trombetta, also known as a fish egg, nymph or bowler, Orifiamma by mode feature veiltail, Celestial Eyes Dragon Eyes and a water bubble, and Oranda Head lion, Black Moor, Ranchu, Kinranshi and many other interesting result of intersections.

Publisher: De Vecchi Editore
Author: Piero M. Bianchi
Pages: 96 with color photos
Cover: Paperback
Size: 17x24cm
Italian Language

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