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ULTRA Reef Solution
ULTRA Reef Solution
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Ultra Reef UCS 160

Ultra Reef UCS 160
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Product By Reservation 
Price: 524,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: By request

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Product: Ultra Reef UCS 160


Calcium reactors Ultra Reef are a functional product for the maintenance of the values ​​of calcium, magnesium and kh in marine reef aquariums.
Massive and robust:
Most of the reactor is made with PVC components machined from solid and bolted together. The absence of small moving parts gives the structure an excellent robustness.
The connecting fittings with O-ring seal to allow quick and safe installation of exhaust systems and power. The covers use a system of seals o-ring silicone, while the bonding is strengthened with high strength marine putty.
Ready to use:
The reactor is supplied ready to use and full of pipe borne water, drain water pipe, pipe borne CO2, bubble counter, attack pH probe and silicone sheath for reduced pH probe.
Italian power:
The recirculation pump model produced by Sicce Silent Syncra offers high performance with low power consumption. The pump is installed in a submerged position to provide silent operation and reduced lateral dimensions.
Integrated CO2 recovery:
The circulation pipe is installed in the upper part of the conical cover and also performs the function of recovery of CO2. The recovery system of CO "significantly reduces the consumption of carbon dioxide and limits the issuance thereof in the aquarium.

The reactor UCS-160 is suitable for tanks up to 900 liters


  • Installing internal sump
  • Circulation pump SS 2.0
  • Power supply 230-240V 50Hz
  • PH Probe 10-12 mm
  • performance
  • Load capacity of about 6 bed
  • Consumption is about 32 W
  • dimensions
  • Footprint at the base 170x230 mm
  • Height 590 mm
  • Height pipes with 630 mm

NOTE: Available on order, with advance payment equal to 30% of the value

Delivery times 7/10 working days subject to availability of supplier

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