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Tunze Smart Controller 7000

Tunze Smart Controller 7000
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Price: 274,09Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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The new Smart Controller TUNZE® 7000 combines in a single device all the functions important to create natural conditions in an aquarium.

To obtain this result, until now it was necessary various control equipment, and of adjustment, the synchronization which often could not be implemented in a functional manner. The merits of the new and practical all-in-one solution TUNZE® are ease of use, clarity of reading and compact application to any mobile aquarium stand or wall.
The SmartController 7000 can adjust all Turbelle® electronic pumps, as well as the TUNZE® LEDs, power sockets and valves. In addition, measures and controls the temperature and pH value.
Adjustments are made easily through a web interface and a terminal with the possibility of WiFi connection with any browser. But even without a WiFi-enabled device you can do quickly and easily access the basic settings with the touch platform.
Combined with Turbelle®pumps it is possible to recreate complex conditions of sea currents in the aquarium. Also using the TUNZE® LED you can simulate a sunny day just like in nature and in sync with the pumps. Furthermore, the brightness of the LEDs can be adapted to the respective seasons.

The real-time clock, with the permanent operating guarantee, records the time even in case of loss of power and without any stack at risk of loss.
The Smartcontroller 7000 can keep the temperature at a very constant value, besides being able to adjust the heating or cooling.
The measurement of pH galvanically dissociated at all times ensures a precise measurement, independently of all other connected electronic equipment. The
Smartcontroller 7000 directly controls a solenoid valve and consequently the rate of CO2 to keep a constant pH value in the aquarium or into the calcium reactor.

Special features:

splash-proof polycarbonate.
Wall mounting
Real-time display of pump output
Indication of temperature and pH.
Touchpad with anti-splash protection and anti-intrusion-saving children.
WIFI inside (for all OS).
Function display for pumps.
4 connections 3 in 1 for pumps / LED / power sockets / valves

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Tunze Smart Controller 7000 
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