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Tunze Rivepack 350

Tunze Rivepack 350
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Price: 274,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: By request

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Complete package for filtering sea water containing Comline® Filter 3168 and Osmolator 3155


TUNZE® Comline® Riverpack 350 is characterized by a high extraction capacity of the dirt; It keeps the water crystal clear and ensures a constant water level. Comline® Multifilter 3168: TUNZE® Comline® Riverpack 350 includes an internal filter "High Tech" surface with suction to remove the surface film, the suction of the fund for the coarse particles and the removal of sediments; pump flow rate varying from 500 to 2,100 l / h (10 to 18 W). It 'also provided with a Silence magnet holder for a glass thickness up to 15 mm. With a filter volume of 1,200 cm³, the purification of water in three stages provides a passage on a filtering cloth very easy to use for mechanical filtration, of macro-wadding for mechanical filtration of fine and 300 g of TUNZE® Sintered Glass Rings, special glass rings in a filter bag, from the very large surface area for biological filtration. The body of the filter can also be loaded with any kind of micro or macro-cellulose wadding dissolved, activated carbon or other filter materials, thus adapting precisely the filtering to the needs of an aquarium for cichlids or Amazon. Immersion depth: from ca. 270mm to 290mm in the aquarium and min. 250mm filter plants in the aquarium, the pump flow rate ranging from 500 to 2.100l / h, 10 - 18W, 230V / 50Hz (115V / 60Hz), dimensions with Magnet Holder: lungh.140 largh.110 x x alt. 300mm Osmolator® 3155: With the water level control with the TUNZE® Osmolator® 3155 applied directly to the body of the filter, the water level in the aquarium and water values ​​are kept very constant. TUNZE® Comline® Riverpack 350 comes packed in a bucket for water reserve volume of 27 liters, fully assembled, with filter materials and Silence TUNZE® Magnet Holder for glass thickness up to 15 mm. After mounting the facility, the bucket serves as a reservoir for the water level control.



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