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Tunze 7607/2 Water level alarm

Tunze 7607/2 Water level alarm
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Price: 163,87Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Tunze 7607/2 Water level alarm 



L'immagine �� non pu� essere visualizzata poich� contiene degli errori.The water level alarm is used as a supplement to water refilling systems. In the event of a failure, the switched socket outlet switches off all consumers connected; in addition a warning signal is sounded and a red LED lights up.
(1) It protects filter systems in the aquarium or in the cabinet against running dry and can prevent damage, which might occur by accidental emptying of the filter tank, for example. But, the water level alarm can also provide protection against running dry for water level regulators with lacking refill water.
(2) In aquarium cabinets, the unit can monitor the outlet and can protect the aquarium against overflow when the drain pipe system is clogged, for example.
(3) The water level alarm can monitor refilling systems (Osmolator) with large water store tanks and can operate as an overflow protection.

Please observe: The water level alarm is no remedy for defects in installation or maintenance.



Delivery condition:

The water level alarm has three sensors: one run-dry protection sensor and two overflow sensors. Each sensor comes with a holding device which can be stuck with silicone or clamped to horizontal or vertical panes. The holding devices can also be combined. The control unit has an optical indicator for each sensor combined with an alert sound emitter. The switched socket outlet has a breaking capacity for pumps up to 230 V / 300 W (at 115 V, 150 W).


After correct installation, the water level alarm can monitor three different water levels (1). If a water level falls short of or exceeds the limits set, all units connected through a switched socket outlet (2) are switched off, and in addition a warning signal is sounded and a red warning lamp lights up. After removal of the cause, use the red button on the control unit (3) for reset. Subsequently, the unit is ready for monitoring again. The switched socket outlet is energised again.

Safety instructions:

  • Use water level alarms for aquariums only - outdoor operation is not permissible.
  • Mount control unit 7607/2 in dry and well ventilated locations only!
  • Do not mount in the vicinity of heat sources; ambient temperature max. 35°Celsius (95°F).
  • Do not kink the cable.
  • Do not situate magnetic pane cleaners or other magnets in the vicinity of the sensor, as otherwise functional failure is possible; keep a distance of at least 20 cm (7.8 in.).
  • Prior to initial operation, please check whether the operating voltage corresponds to the mains voltage available.
  • Remove the mains plug prior to any cleaning and maintenance work. Do not repair a damaged mains cable yourself, but have the units repaired. - Do not connect up to foreign units.
  • Do not operate the water level alarm unattended.

Duty of care:

  • Install and operate the unit responsibly.
  • Keep the operating instructions in a safe place.
    Location of control unit 7607/2:
  • The wall has to be dry; do not select a position above the aquarium!
  • Observe available cable length; an extension is not possible!
  • The cable from the switched socket outlet to the control unit can be disconnected from the control unit, Disconnect the unit from the mains before opening it. Remove the cover; for this purpose undo the screws on the rear side of the housing.
  • The indicators lamps have to be visible !
  • The cable connections have to be laid in such a way that no water can run along and get into the control unit or the switched socket outlet. Even in this case no water should make contact with the unit or cable.

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