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Tunze 3152.000 Osmolator Nano

Tunze 3152.000 Osmolator Nano
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Price: 78,31Euro [TaxInc]
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Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Tunze 3152.000 Osmolator Nano


For small aquariums, a stable osmotic balance is important, because they are particularly sensitive to constantly changing salt concentrations. The Osmolator ® nano which was specifically designed for this, is a water level controller with only a single sensor and is equipped with a processor-based controller that protects against overdosing. It is suitable for nano aquariums or small aquariums up to 200 liters (55 USgal.). The sensor with magnetic holder is light-protected and can be positioned at any desired location on the glass panel.
This device is suitable for users (including children) with limited physical, sensorial or mental abilities or without any experience or previous knowledge only, if a suitable supervision or detailed instructions on the operation of the device is assured by a responsible person. Please make sure that children do not play with the device (2).

Sensor preparation

Mount the sensor into the sensor housing. For this, unscrew the nut (1), slide the sensor with the cable into the opening (2) and screw on the nut again (3). Subsequently insert the sensor housing into one of the two Magnet Holders (4), and make sure that there is a tight fit! The sensor of the Osmolator ® nano should only be attached with the supplied magnets; do not use any other or stronger magnets! The sensor should always be mounted horizontally!  
Attachment of the self-adhesive elastic buf fers: We recommend the attachment of the self-adhesive elastic buf fers to both halves of the Magnet Holder. CAUTION! Prepare magnets individually and placed far apart from each other, to avoid injuries. Remove the elastic buf fers from the foil (5) and press them on to the adhesion spots (6). Use 4 of them for each magnetic component. The adhesion spots are located in the round indentations, as shown in figure (6).

Sensor location selection
Usage on the aquarium rim up to a glass thickness of 10 mm (3/8“). Prepare a suitable place on the glass pane. In the aquarium, the glass should be free of algae and the outside dry and clean. Attach the inner par t of the Magnet Holder to the aquarium glass (1) with the elastic buf fer facing in the direction of the glass. Hold the outer par t of the Magnet Holder towards the inner par t (2) and then carefully bring them together.
Usage in an aquarium cabinet filter system up to a glass thickness of 10 mm (3/8”): When used in aquarium cabinets with multiple chambers or submerged aquarium chamber filters, always inser t the Osmolator ® nano into the last filter chamber with the return pump, see figure (3)! Do not place it next to the water inlet or pump discharge in the aquarium cabinet filter! Recommendation when using sea water: To prevent a calcification of the sensor, the limewater intake should not be routed into the filter box!

Attachment of the feed hose for the Osmolator
Use a mounting clamp with hose clamp, screw and nut to secure the feed hose. Premount the clamp-type holder (1).
Ensure a tight fit ! Spare par ts: 0102.450 mounting clamp 5000.240 hose clamp
Prevent water from flowing back into storage container; for this reason, always attach the hose clearly above the water level (2/3). In case of cabinet filter plants: The metering watecan flow directly into the filter tank only, if the maximum water level of the storage container is lower than the water level in the filter tank.

Connections and commissioning
Connect the cable (1) of the dosing pump and controller (2) with the terminal. It does not matter which wire you connect to the left or right side of the terminal. Inser t hose (3) into the connecting piece of the metering pump as far as possible. Place the metering pump ver tically (4) into the storage tank, making sure to route the hose without kinks to ensure a good flow-rate. Attach the hose to the aquarium rim and secure with clamp (5). Do not operate the pump (4) without water; although short dry runs are not harmful. Purge the pump of air by shaking it, af ter running dr y and re-filling. Attach the power supply (6) to the controller, and check the functionality. As a storage tank we recommend the tank 5002.100 with 13L (3.43 US gal.) capacity with large lid opening to facilitate an easy filling and cleaning. The metering pump may not be replaced with a mains socket outlet 3150.11!

Metering quantity
The Osmolator ® nano features an electronic monitoring, which stops the metering pump after 2 minutes of continuous operation. This avoids an over flowing of the aquarium, for example, in the event that the sensor is blocked. This is indicated by the short pulses of the metering pump in a time interval of 10 sec. After switching the power supply on and of f, the Osmolator ® nano will be ready for operation again. The maximum dosing time is also exceeded when the storage tank is empty, and the pulses of the metering pump indicate that the tank needs to be refilled.

Feed quantity with the maximum metering time: (1) At a conveying height of 0.80 m (31.5 in.) of the metering pump  (water level between the storage tank and hose end in the aquarium) a maximum volume of approx. 1.3 L (0.34 US gal.) will be refilled.
(2) At a conveying height of 1.15 m (45.3 in.) approx. 1 L (0.26 US gal.).
(3) At a conveying height of 1.30 m (51.2 in.) approx. 1 L (0.24 US gal.).
(4) Maximum conveying height: approx. 1.8 m (70.9 in.)
Caution! These values  only apply for the original Osmolator® nano 4x7 mm PVC hose with a length of 2 m (78.7 in.) With a shorter PVC hose the metering amount will be higher.

Safety volumes
The maximum water level in the storage tank must always be below the water level in the aquarium or for aquarium cabinet systems below the water level in the filter tank, so that the storage water can not automatically flow into the aquarium or filter tank
The aquarium should contain enough safety volume to accommodate the maximum metering quantity (see metering quantity).
Examples with aquariums and a water level increase with the maximum metering quantity of 1.3 L (0.34 US gal.):
An aquarium surface area (1) of 400 x 400 mm (15.7 x 15.7 in.) will result in a water level increase of 8 mm (1/3”) (2).
An aquarium surface area of 600 x 300 mm (23.6 x 11.8 in.) will result in a water level increase of 6 mm (1/5”).
An aquarium surface area of 800 x 300 mm (31.5 x 11.8 in.) will result in a water level increase of 5 mm (1/5”).
An aquarium surface area of 1000 x 400 mm (39.4 x 15.7 in.) will result in a water level increase of 3 mm (1/10”).

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