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Tetra test PO4 (phosphate)

Tetra test PO4 (phosphate)
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Price: 12,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Tetra test PO4 (phosphate)

Application: fresh and salt water aquariums



New TetraTest PO4 Phosphate Test

Phosphates more of nitrates in water is a determining factor for the growth of algae. Is allowed in drinking water concentration of up to 5 ml / l, too high for the aquarium.
The presence in excess of this substance determines the aquarium a high growth of algae, which are woven into the biological cycle of plants by blocking and inhibiting growth.
Thus in addition to the obvious point that the unsightly algae in the aquarium, the growth of the latter causes an imbalance in the aquarium.

The development control of phosphate, as well as that of nitrates. is one of the most 'valid to prevent the algae begin to "besiege" the aquarium.
A concentration between 0 and 2 ml / l warrant a proper supply of phosphate to plants, while higher concentrations result in the development of algae.

The removal of phosphate excess is possible by the partial changes of water or using Tetra Easy Balance, which is able to capture the phosphate and bind them on the filter material, so that they become easily removable.
In addition Easy Balance reduces the presence of nitrates, thus eliminating the factors most responsible for the growth of algae in the aquarium.
Phosphates should be absent in the reef aquarium, where the soft corals are sensitive to their presence and immediately showed signs of discomfort when nitrates increase their value.

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