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Tetra pH/KH Plus 250ml

Tetra pH/KH Plus 250ml
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Price: 5,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: TetraAqua pH/KH Plus - in order to achieve a secure optimal values of pH and KH


The carbonate hardness (KH) and the content of CO2 determine the pH value of the aquarium. With a value of CO2 stable, the pH value can be influenced, permanently, only altering the KH.
In special freshwater aquariums, for example. with Ciclids of Malawi or Tanganyika, to create optimal conditions for water, it is important to increase the KH and so pH. These Ciclidi, unlike most freshwater fish that prefer a KH of 3-10° dKH, prefer higher values of carbonate hardness (about 10-15° dKH) and pH values equal to 7.5 -8.5.
In sea water TetraAqua pH/KH Plus can balance the precipitation of KH (less than 7° dKH) and report the KH up to an optimal value of 8-10° dKH.


How Tetra pH/KH Plus:

  • Increase and easily controlled the KH bringing it to levels recommended and thus increases the value of pH. The KH should not fall below 2-4° of dKH in freshwater aquariums.
  • Increases in pH value of fresh water above 7.5.
  • Redeem drops KH, due to the process of nitrification in aquaria densely populated.
  • A higher KH buffer enhances the effect of water and prevents dangerous fluctuations of pH.
  • Effective in case of sudden decreases in the value of pH (KH 0° dKH and pH less than 5) as quickly KH shows up to a value at least 2-4° dKH.
  • delicate treatment that does not damage either the fish or plants.

Easy to Use:

Determine the most important water, in particular KH and pH, using the line Tetratest.
If the pH value of fresh water is less than 7.5 or less than KH 2-4° dKH or, in aquariums with Ciclidi Africa (Lake Malawi, Tanganyika, etc..) These values are below standard Add every 2-3 days does not cover more than 1 full (= 15 g) Tetra pH/KH Plus every 100 l water aquarium. Dilute the powder in a few water aquarium. For each application, the KH will be increased by 5° dKH.
If you want a lower increase of KH use the spoon, which contains 1.8 grams of powder and can increase the KH of 0.6° dKH, every 100 I water aquarium.
Repeat treatment with Tetra pH/KH Plus has been achieved until the value of KH and so the optimum pH.
The value of KH over aquarium marine is obtained in that way.
Keep out of reach of children!

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