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Tetra AquaSafe - All formats

Tetra Aquasafe - Bio Cnditioner
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Available Options
Tetra AquaSafe - 100mlTetra AquaSafe - 100ml
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
2,76Euro [TaxInc]
Tetra AquaSafe - 250mlTetra AquaSafe - 250ml
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
5,86Euro [TaxInc]
Tetra AquaSafe - 500mlTetra AquaSafe - 500ml
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
8,50Euro [TaxInc]

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Product: Tetra AquaSafe - Bio Conditioner

 All types formats: 100ml  -  250ml  -  500ml


Bio-conditioner that transforms aggressive tap water into water safe and suitable for fish - with the formula BioExtract for healthy water and clear.

  • The new formula ensures safe water and healthy fish thanks to the set of unique protective substances highly effective and natural biopolymers
  • Tap water neutralizes substances that are harmful to fish: remove the chlorine and binds stably to the totality of heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead
  • Adds essential substances that are the habitat natural iodine to the vitality of the fish, magnesium to stimulate growth and prosperity, vitamin B for stress
  • Effective protection of gills and mucous membranes due to the presence of colloids recognizable
  • Formula BioExtract with natural biopolymers promotes the growth of useful bacteria to clean water and crystalline
  • Be used for each addition of tap water during transport of fish and quarantine treatments during
  • Improves the growing conditions and promotes plant growth
  • Regenerate the fish after a treatment against diseases
  • For an ideal combination with AquaSafe there Tetra EasyBalance, which allows to stabilize the value of water and reduce the number of water changes
  • For freshwater and marine aquariums


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