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Testudo Edizioni - Trachemys Scripta

Testudo Edizioni - Trachemys Scripta
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Price: 14,00Euro [TaxExc]
Availability: Not Available

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Information, curiosity, breeding and reproduction.


For fans and experienced breeders we talk about turtles Trachemys seems almost become derogatory, now that they breed rare species and difficult to find.

Even today in the forums on the internet, read questions and requests for help from pax who come to this world.

This book is intended as a reference for the breeding of those that are the starting point for all fans of turtles; a guide that can open the doors of this amazing world, a door for many fans was never closed.


Author: Marco Marsili
Pages: 62
Size: 24 x 17 soft cover

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Testudo Edizioni - Trachemys Scripta 
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Reptilies » Books