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Testudo Edizioni - La Testuggine Marginata

Testudo Edizioni - La Testuggine Marginata
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Price: 14,00Euro [TaxExc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Information, curiosity, breeding and reproduction

L 'author, Emenuele Cimati, graduated in biological sciences; from thirty years 'dedicated to' breeding and reproduction in captivity of amphibians and reptiles, especially salamanders, snakes and turtles. His greatest passion, however, is their osservaizone in nature, especially in Africa, where he often went in search of his favorite reptiles (crocodiles, snakes and tortoises).

He is currently caperedattore of 'Italian edition of the magazine Reptilia Edictiones; also he works as a translator that specializes in texts erpetologici for other magazines and publishing houses.

Author of numerous articles published in Italian and international magazines (including Reptilia, Reptiles, Reptilian, My Aquarium, Argos Trend, Litteratura Serpentium, Reptimagazine, Friends House, Aquarium, Testudo Magazine), is a member of Tarta Club Italy, the Societas SHI, of 'Roman Herpetological Association and the European Snake Society.

Italian language

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Testudo Edizioni - La Testuggine Marginata 
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