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Testudo Edizioni - Taraturghe Testimoni di Tempi Remoti

Testudo Edizioni - Taraturghe Testimoni di Tempi Remoti
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Price: 19,90Euro [TaxExc]
Availability: Not Available

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Notions about all the world's species
This book is not meant to encourage or to entice people to purchase a turtle. The aim is to bring the reader to a more critical view of the issue and to offer a practical manual and concrete to overcome the initial difficulties in the breeding of these fascinating animals.

Concretely, the authors have two aims: one is to illustrate in a comprehensible way the potential of a sustainable farming and natural, on the other side give clear indications about a possible purchase, breeding, care and legal aspects concerning . Deliberately they have treated only species suitable for beginners. The photos were taken by the authors in the daily care to serve as a reference.

Italian language

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Testudo Edizioni - Taraturghe Testimoni di Tempi Remoti 
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